Pharmacies will be able to sign longer contracts with the NHSU. What will change in contracting?

The National Health Service of Ukraine is moving to medium-term contracts with pharmacies. This was stated by Ivan Zhuk, Head of the Department for Reimbursement Agreements of the National Health Service of Ukraine, during the forum «Affordable Medicines 2023».

«Contracting will continue unchanged. However, we are switching to medium-term contracts. This means that a pharmacy will be able to conclude a contract for up to three years. This way, we will avoid the situation when in January, in some pharmacies, patients could not get medicines under the program,» said Ivan Zhuk.

Forum «Affordable Medicines 2023» organized by the NHSU in cooperation with the USAID project «Safe, Affordable and Effective Medicines for Ukrainians» (SAFEMed).


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