Top 5 modern mom’s top 5 lifehacks for preventing colds in teens

Being a teenager is not easy. At school and at home, they are constantly demanding something, their moods are racing, their first crush is in their heads, and their mom reminds them of a tutor to get into college. These worries are reflected in the state of immunity of children.
If in preschool age to skip work was not allowed to you, now to skip school is undesirable to the child. It is difficult to make a modern teenager do homework on time, what to say about additional lessons to fill gaps in knowledge.

To prevent a sudden cold from interrupting the educational process or disrupting plans for outings with friends, we tell you about 5 ways to help protect yourself from acute respiratory viruses and influenza.

Make it a rule to lead a healthy lifestyle as a family.

It will help you stay in shape, and your teenager will learn to take care of their health. A healthy lifestyle is not only a balanced diet, but also active recreation. Buy a family membership to a fitness club, go skiing together or go jogging in the morning. This way you will not only strengthen immunity, but also find new points of contact with your child. Good physical shape will give confidence to a teenager, who tends to worry about their appearance during the transition period.

Observance of the regime of the day.

Inability to plan things, calculate the load leads to overwork and weakened immunity. Therefore, accustom the teenager to a useful habit – to plan.

The skill to find a balance between activities and time for rest will be useful in university and in adulthood. The quality and quantity of sleep has a great influence on the health of the child. Healthy sleep improves the immune system and helps it fight off acute respiratory viruses and influenza. Since childhood you have taught your child to go to bed at the same time, but by adolescence this habit disappears. Try to bring this tradition back, but do it carefully. Explain to your child that it is good to keep a sleep and rest schedule. So he will be less tired, there will be more energy for hobbies. We recommend introducing healthy habits with the whole family, demonstrating by example the desire to be healthy.

To help your body adapt more easily to the increased stress of middle and high school and to prevent colds from disrupting your plans, use Deflu Defense Zinc to prevent acute respiratory infections and influenza. Zinc has a strong antiviral activity, and the balanced content of vitamins B, D3, C and E influences the formation of a rapid immune response to invading infection and has an antioxidant effect. Deflu Protection Zinc chewable tablets in three different flavors help to prevent the disease, shorten the duration of treatment and reduce the risk of complications.

Teenagers have a more active social life than preschoolers: going to school, riding public transportation and going to the mall with friends. All this increases the risk of catching an infection, which is why we recommend applying Deflu Protect Nose Gel to the nasal mucosa before leaving the house. It forms a protective film that prevents the penetration of viruses into the body. Colloidal silver performs antiviral and antibacterial function, and natural components of the gel form a mechanical barrier to viruses and moisturize the nasal mucosa.
Deflu Protect Nose Gel is easy to apply and not noticeable to others when used, which is important for a teenager.

A simple way to protect yourself from flu viruses and acute respiratory viruses is to wash your hands.

But what if you can’t or your child doesn’t want to take the time to do it? Put a compact pack of antiseptic in his backpack or bag. Your child will use it before school lunch, and you won’t have to worry about whether he or she has found an opportunity to wash his or her hands.
Following our recommendations will allow you to lead an active lifestyle, and the child – not to test your nerves for strength, if a sudden acute respiratory infection will force you to stay home, missing a significant event for him. Spending time together will strengthen your relationship with your teenager during the transition period, and Deflu Defense series cold prevention products will support immunity and create an additional barrier to infection.

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