How to switch to a healthy diet

How do you switch to a healthy diet? – this question arises as follows. Healthy eating is not a diet, rather it is a habit of eating right and it can be maintained for a lifetime. Following a healthy eating regimen is much easier than it may seem.

Secrets of healthy eating

Secrets of healthy eating and recommendations on this topic are described in many articles and books. Every nutritionist and person who follows a healthy lifestyle has their own secrets of healthy eating. Each person is unique, so it is advised to choose your regimen and diet taking into account such factors as gender, body type, height, body weight, age and physical activity.

Tips and advice on healthy eating

Basic tips on healthy eating consist of a complete and balanced daily diet. After all, food is a source of energy, material for the generation of cells and the full functioning of all systems. Recommendations on healthy eating say that food should provide a daily intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements and water.

A human being consists of 80% water, so the advice on healthy eating necessarily includes recommendations on drinking regimen. It is no secret that the approximate amount of water drunk per day should be 1.5-2 liters.

Many articles suggest that the diet should consist of a variety of foods. Boiling, baking, stewing, steaming are the most preferable methods of heat treatment. It is also worth limiting the use of sweets, convenience foods and fast food. At the same time, experts who give recommendations on healthy eating, agree on the idea that you should not severely limit yourself and make sharp transitions, because it can cause emotional stress.

Articles and books on healthy eating

Books about healthy eating have become very popular among readers. Various articles on healthy eating also help to understand the nuances and secrets of a painless transition to another level of food culture.

For 2017, among the best-selling publications were books on healthy eating, such as: “Eat, Move, Sleep. How Everyday Decisions Affect Health and Longevity” by Tom Rath, “Who Should We Believe? What we really know about the world around us” by Brian Clegg and David Perlmutter’s book “Food and the Brain”, their advice makes it easy to make the transition to a new diet.

All books on healthy eating are written based on various studies, each author’s personal experience and in-depth knowledge. Articles on healthy eating also recommend combining a competently selected diet with daily physical activity. And the ability to do everything with pleasure – the secret of multiplying the result several times. It lies in the possibility of alternatives – you can always replace one product with another with the same set of nutrients. And walking or cycling can be a compromise solution to the gym.

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