Starting from mid-September, preferential narcotic medicines will only be dispensed with an e-prescription

In mid-September, the sale of narcotic (psychotropic) drugs in pharmacies will start exclusively by electronic prescription, the Ministry of Health reported.

This includes the prescription and dispensing of narcotic drugs, the partial or full cost of which is reimbursed under local budget programs in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 1303 of August 17, 1998. They will also be sold exclusively by electronic prescription.

The exceptions will apply only to extemporaneously manufactured medicines, in case of technical failures that make it impossible to issue electronic prescriptions, and in case of prescribing such medicines in the territories where active hostilities are ongoing. In such cases, the prescription and dispensing of medicines may be carried out on the basis of a paper prescription.

This requirement is stipulated by the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 1333 dated 21.07.2023 “On Amendments to the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 360 dated July 19, 2005”.

This decision will help prevent uncontrolled trafficking in narcotic (psychotropic) drugs, the use of which has particularly dangerous consequences for human life and health.

At the same time, the digitalization of the process will simplify access to narcotic (psychotropic) drugs for patients undergoing complex treatment and in need of pain relief, as they will now be able to receive prescriptions for painkillers in a more convenient way without restrictions.

An electronic prescription for a narcotic (psychotropic) drug can be issued by a doctor who is responsible for the patient’s treatment. This can be either a family doctor or a narrow-profile specialist, such as a surgeon, oncologist, or neurologist.

To this end, the electronic healthcare system will implement the corresponding program “Narcotic and psychotropic drugs on preferential terms under the Cabinet of Ministers’ Resolution No. 1303 of August 17, 1998.”

You can get medicines by e-prescription in a pharmacy that has the appropriate license to dispense narcotic (psychotropic) medicines. It should be noted that today 100% of pharmacies that have the appropriate license are registered and operate in the EHS.

As a reminder, since November 1, 2022, narcotic (psychotropic) drugs are available by e-prescription.

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