The Mister Blister Editorial and Fact Checking Process

At Mister Blister, our top priority is providing pharmacists with accurate, trustworthy information and insights to support their practice. We maintain unrivaled standards for editorial excellence through a meticulous creation and review process guided by industry experts.

Rigorous Guidelines Ensure Pharmacy Reporting Integrity

Mister Blister operates under the following core principles to produce pharmacy trade journalism of the highest caliber:

  • Independence: Our writers and editors work free from outside influence to deliver unbiased perspectives. Revenue is never a factor in coverage decisions.
  • Accuracy: Every piece published verifies facts from primary source material and pores through expert validation to confirm accuracy.
  • Transparency: Full attribution is given to medical reviewers, citations, data sources, and relevant disclosures around any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Relevance: Our complete focus is delivering content on the latest need-to-know developments to support Ukrainian pharmacists’ success.
  • Timeliness: Writers produce timely analysis of late-breaking news and research most relevant to readers.
  • Balance: Articles present multiple perspectives encompassing the full context around pharmacy topics.

We abide by ethical standards from respected journalism institutions like the Committee of Concerned Journalists and the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.

Board of Pharmacy Experts Guides Editorial Quality

Mister Blister utilizes an editorial board encompassing top professionals across pharmacy disciplines:

  • Community pharmacy
  • Hospital/health-system pharmacy
  • Clinical pharmacy
  • Compounding pharmacy
  • Pharmacy management
  • Pharmaceutics and manufacturing
  • Pharmacy law and regulatory policy

This expertise ensures all best practices and reporting meet the highest credence across specialty areas. Writers consult the board frequently during article production.

Intensive Vetting and Reviews Verify Every Piece

Our editorial process scrutinizes every article across multiple stages:


  • Writers fully investigate topics from verified medical/scientific sources, academic studies, and interviews with specialists
  • Multiple accredited reference materials are used for data points and factual evidence


  • Drafts emphasize clear communication of research into practical guidance
  • Best practices explain how information impacts pharmacists’ daily work

Internal Assessment

  • Accuracy – An assigned editor checks all facts/statistics with included references
  • Completeness – Does information answer key pharmacist questions on the topic?
  • Clarity – Is specialized terminology clearly explained for broad pharmacy audience?
  • Visuals – Are illustrative images, charts, etc appropriately included?

Formal Content Reviews

  • Technical review: Relevant board member formally verifies clinical accuracy and evaluation of scientific evidence behind guidelines.
  • Legal review: Our pharmacy law expert checks for implications around changing regulations.
  • Editorial review: Editor-in-chief examines content alignment with journal standards and priorities.


  • Editors perfect article flow, tighten language, ensure consistent voice/tone
  • They oversee additions like links to related articles and source citations

Displaying Updates and Corrections

If any factual error is discovered post-publication, we immediately update electronic versions with corrections (per our ethics policy). Print versions note errors in the next possible issue. All corrections show in perpetuity for full transparency.

The Result: Eastern Europe’s Definitive Pharmacy Education Source

By upholding rigorous methods focused wholly on service to the professional pharmacy community, Mister Blister provides an unmatched advanced pharmacy resource. We deliver pharmacists everywhere the news and skills essential for excelling in their career through principled, expert journalism.

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