Mister Blister: Analysis and Trends in Pharmacy, Medicine and Pharmaceutical Distribution


  • Step-by-step instructions for working with dissatisfied pharmacy customers
    Even the best attempts to calm an angry customer don’t always work. In such cases, it’s best to suggest that they speak to the pharmacy manager. Often, it’s quite simple to escalate the issue to higher management to satisfy the individual.
  • Coping Strategies Against Burnout for Pharmacy Employees
    A 2017 study conducted in the USA showed that the burnout rate among clinical pharmacists is 61.2%.
  • Please engage with the customer: discuss the benefits of flirting in the pharmacy in a new understanding of this word
    Should you flirt with customers? I think you should. Are you surprised? You’re probably used to understanding “flirting” as playful banter, flirtatious glances, and romantic sighs, right? Of course, this is unlikely to be helpful in serious business.
  • Never say this to customers at the pharmacy!
    When a client comes to the pharmacy to get professional help and talks about his problems, do not interrupt him every time with the words “everything is clear,” “I know how you feel,” “I understand everything.” If you see similar phrases that greatly encourage a person, you can take them as the most important way to end your marriage. Try to gain the trust of your clients right away, and then speak quietly so that the smells are receptive to receiving your emotional support.
  • “You are liberated!” – “Prescription”, not a medicine for a pharmacist (and not just that)
    A group of scientists from several universities in the USA and France conducted a large-scale study, monitoring the mood swings and emotional state of 24,000 people under the influence of various stressful situations. The results were unexpected: it turned out that dismissal is one of the strongest stress factors and does not go unnoticed for the human psyche.

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