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Журналист сайта и журнала "Мистер Блистер". Автор статей и информационных заметок о фармацевтике и медицине.


“You are liberated!” – “Prescription”, not a medicine for a pharmacist (and not just that)

A group of scientists from several universities in the USA and France conducted a large-scale study, monitoring the mood swings and emotional state of 24,000 people under the influence of various stressful situations. The results were unexpected: it turned out that dismissal is one of the strongest stress factors and does not go unnoticed for the human psyche.

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How to overcome insomnia without drugs

Doctors and researchers have long noted that ritualistic bedtime behavior, that is, performing the same habitual activities, often helps you fall asleep better than sleeping pills. People who suffer from chronic difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep experience significant relief from their symptoms by practicing personal hygiene, preparing a place to sleep, putting on pajamas, […]

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E-recipes: how does it work around the world?

Europe The Scandinavian countries were pioneers in the introduction of electronic prescriptions in the European Union and worldwide, where the first trial projects of this kind appeared back in the 1980s. Since then, they have been continuously improved. For example, in Sweden, the system of electronic prescriptions is fully integrated with the system of electronic […]

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Good service at the pharmacy thieves don’t like it

How much, what and how? Retailers, particularly pharmacies, are not very willing to provide any information or participate in any studies regarding the kraalsdebates in their establishments. Therefore, it is difficult to make an accurate presentation, much less estimate the size of their losses. However, according to the data of specialized associations, the number of […]

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Men and women develop hypertension differently and require different medications

First-choice drugs for women and men Despite the same system of blood pressure control, its regulation of blood pressure in men and women is somewhat different: In women, a key factor in the development of hypertension is aldosterone, a hormone that causes our kidneys to retain more sodium and therefore more fluid, leading to higher […]

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