Five chambers of medical professions. What should be the medical self-governance in Ukraine?

This question was discussed today with representatives of medical associations and public organizations in the field of health care during the discussion panel “How can the capable self-management of doctors influence the development of the health care system in Ukraine?”.

In general, almost the entire medical industry supports the initiative to transfer some of the powers of the executive branch to the medical community, as it works in the EU countries. This is written by the head of the specialized committee of the VR, Mykhailo Radutskyy. It is logical that not officials in the ministry, but the medical community should issue a license to a doctor for professional activity. At the same time, over the years of independence, no unified, coordinated position on this issue has been formed so far.

Five bills on physician self-governance were submitted to the Parliament, none of them were adopted. The Committee created a working group, which took into account the opinion of industry stakeholders and formed a framework bill. These developments became the basis for a legislative initiative, which was prepared by the specialized ministry.

The five wards of the health professions

The draft law “On Self-Governance in Healthcare in Ukraine” provides for the establishment of five chambers of medical professions – the Chamber of Family Medicine Doctors, the Chamber of Specialist Doctors, the Chamber of Dentists, the Chamber of Medical Specialists, and the Chamber of Pharmacists.

So far, the document is at the last stage of discussion and will soon be put to a vote of the Verkhovna Rada.

By the way, recently the Ukrainian delegation at the forum in Germany discussed this issue with colleagues, studied the experience of self-government in this country. They agreed with the German Medical Association and the platform of doctors’ chambers in Eastern Europe to support the development of physician self-governance in Ukraine.

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