Author name: Мистер Блистер

Наймасовіше видання на фармринку, яке з 2002 року гарантовано читають фармацевти, медики і не тільки

Delta Medical has entered the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine.

Delta Medical has entered the top five pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine, as reflected in the ranking compiled by the “TOP-100. Ratings of the Largest” magazine. This achievement not only signifies the company’s professional work and innovative drugs it takes pride in but also underscores its responsibility during a challenging period for Ukraine.

Never say this to customers at the pharmacy!

When a client comes to the pharmacy to get professional help and talks about his problems, do not interrupt him every time with the words “everything is clear,” “I know how you feel,” “I understand everything.” If you see similar phrases that greatly encourage a person, you can take them as the most important way to end your marriage. Try to gain the trust of your clients right away, and then speak quietly so that the smells are receptive to receiving your emotional support.

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