From September 2023, a new drug for pain management of palliative patients is available in “Affordable Lics”

It is possible to get pain medication under the reimbursement program by e-prescription. This is written by eHealth TG Channel.

A prescription for opioid pain relievers under the Reimbursement Program for palliative patients is written by a family physician (except for patients with mental and behavioral health disorders).

The scheme for getting an e-prescription drug is the same as before.

  1. The patient receives an e-prescription in the form of a 16-digit number and a confirmation code and goes to a pharmacy that has a contract with NHSI for the appropriate area of the reimbursement program.
  2. The pharmacy employee suggests available trade names that are part of the program.
  3. The patient chooses and gets the drug for free or at a copayment.
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