Inspiring stories about the nation’s heroes: SCHONEN brand and 1+1 Ukraine channel launched the project “People for Life”

A big part of the project and its protagonists will be doctors – advanced and recognized specialists, each in their own field.

Gulia Pogotova, idea inspirer of the SCHONEN project “People for Life”, marketing director of the pharmaceutical company Delta Medical:

“It was once common in our society to devalue Ukrainian medicine, although in fact in some issues it is our medical services that correspond to the world’s best practices and even in some respects are ahead of them. With the onset of a full-scale war, Ukrainians supposedly woke up from the gloom of inferiority, which our enemies had been indoctrinating us with for a long time. And today it is high time to talk more about our doctors, about our opportunities in medicine, about the brands that just spread new medical and pharmaceutical technologies in Ukraine. SCHONEN is just such a brand. Innovation, modernity and demand – these are the three main principles of SCHONEN, which are used to create and implement advanced pharmaceutical solutions for human health all over the world and in Ukraine in particular.

Today we realize that Ukrainians are finally ready to learn more about themselves with interest. That is why a big part of our project and its main characters are doctors. They are advanced and recognized specialists, each in their own field. Their stories are truly inspiring. And we need to talk about them more.

In addition, SCHONEN pharmaceutical brand has announced a marathon “Healthy Nation” for the Day of Health of the Nation, which will be held from September 21 to October 21 on 11 top radio stations in Ukraine. During the marathon listeners will be able to learn more about the brand philosophy and receive gifts and pleasant surprises. SCHONEN’s Health Box will be drawn daily, and listeners will be able to choose their own prizes from SCHONEN’s line of pharmaceutical products.

The “Healthy Nation” marathon will take place on Hit FM, Radio Bayraktar, Radio Maximum, Radio Lux, Nashe Radio, Melodiya, Kiss FM, Nostalgie, Radio Rocks and Radio Jazz.

Reference: SCHONEN brand – innovations for the nation’s health – is represented in Ukraine by Delta Medical, a marketing and pharmaceutical company specializing in the introduction of the most modern and innovative medicines, dietary supplements, medical devices, etc. to the Ukrainian market for 22 years.

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