Invest in demining the country!

Join this initiative, which is important for our future. Let’s clean the land – save life! The goal is 4,000,000 hryvnias.

This is the cost of the first Ukrainian complex that clears land from anti-personnel, anti-tank mines and unexploded ordnance by remote control.

174 thousand square kilometers – one third of our state’s territory – is now contaminated with explosive objects. It is estimated that it will take 30 years to clean up the land. We do not have that time. We must be free to use our land again as soon as possible, to live and work for the sake of the future. That’s why the Trident Tribes Charitable Foundation and the pharmaceutical company Delta Medical decided not to waste time and started collecting.

Donating is easy: just go here link

Every donation is a saved life of a defender, our neighbor from a de-occupied town and an agrarian growing bread. Every donation is a healthy land for generations to come. Every donation is a story. And we tell it to inspire others to revitalize our land.

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