Kazakhstan may join in rebuilding medical infrastructure in Ukraine

Ukraine is actively cooperating with foreign governments, international business and charitable organizations to provide humanitarian needs and rebuild infrastructure. Cooperation with Kazakhstan on Ukraine’s reconstruction is deepening.

The prospects of cooperation were discussed during the meeting of the First Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Sergiy Dubrov with the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Azhar Giniyat.

“Kazakh business has already actively participated in helping Ukraine – this is both humanitarian and energy sectors. I would like to thank the Kazakh people and representatives of the authorities. We are deepening cooperation in implementing projects between our countries and attracting Kazakh investors to restore Ukraine’s medical infrastructure. These are real and powerful steps that help Ukraine not only to maintain stability, but also to restore social infrastructure even in wartime”, – said Sergei Dubrov.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, representatives of Kazakhstani business together with the Embassy of Ukraine in Kazakhstan have handed over fifty high-capacity generators and ambulances to Ukrainian hospitals. Also, with the participation of a Kazakh construction holding, the building of the trauma center of the City Emergency Hospital of Mykolaiv City Council was restored.

Kazakhstan will also consider a proposal to join a joint statement on the further development of sustainable international medical partnerships.

In addition, the parties discussed the need to resolve the issue of granting permits for the export of medical equipment from Kazakhstan, which is planned to be sent to help Ukrainian medical institutions.

The Ukrainian side also highly appreciated Kazakhstan’s experience in reorganizing orphanages and placing children from them in family-type children’s homes.

In particular, we are talking about the possibility of sending Ukrainian children affected by the war to sanatoriums and recreation centers in Kazakhstan at the invitation of the host country.

We shall remind you that during the 73rd session of the European Regional Committee of the World Health Organization, the Ukrainian delegation presented a joint statement on further development of sustainable international medical partnership. It is about expanding cooperation between Ukrainian hospitals and the world’s leading clinics.

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