Ministry of Health: Pharmacies in Kherson, Odessa and Mykolaiv regions will be checked regularly

The purpose of the State Service's inspections is to prevent attempts to profit from an emergency situation, in fact, from a human tragedy
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On the instructions of Health Minister Viktor Liashko, the State Health Service is monitoring the prices of medicines in the flood-affected regions.

In Kherson, Odessa and Mykolaiv oblasts, which are now susceptible to possible outbreaks of infectious diseases, price fluctuations for 42 essential drugs that are most in demand among consumers in pharmacies for gastrointestinal and infectious diseases will be investigated.

“I have instructed the State Service for Medicinal Products to conduct regular monitoring of prices for essential medicines in order to avoid any manipulations, attempts to profit from the emergency situation, in fact, from people’s tragedy. Prices for medicines should not be unreasonably increased,” Viktor Lyashko said.

According to the monitoring data, over the last week, the average level of selling prices in pharmacies remained practically unchanged and ranged from -0.9% to +1.6%.

We shall remind you that the previous day the Health Ministry reported that the cholera outbreaks in the affected territories were a fake and part of the enemy’s IPSO. Currently, no cases of cholera have been registered in Ukraine, and hospitals have all the necessary medicines to provide medical assistance in case of acute intestinal infections.

Source: Ministry of Health

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