More than 1,600 e-prescriptions for test strips have been written under the reimbursement program for insulin-dependent patients

Patients with type I diabetes began receiving test strips through a reimbursement program – at no or partial cost.

To date, more than 1.6 thousand electronic prescriptions for test strips have already been issued across the country under the reimbursement program. This is a convenient and fast way to get a prescription for medicines and medical devices without even visiting a doctor.

The solution allows insulin-dependent patients with type I diabetes to regularly monitor their blood glucose without excessive financial costs. After all, it is essential for people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose at least 2-3 times a day, but many patients disregard these recommendations in order to save money. Under the reimbursement program, a doctor can write an e-prescription for test strips for up to 5 test strips per day.

That is why all patients with type I diabetes can now contact their primary care physician (endocrinologist, particularly pediatric) or primary care physician (internist, pediatrician or family doctor) and learn more about how to get test strips through the program.

At the appointment (or even remotely), the doctor will generate the prescription in the EHR, after which the patient will receive an SMS with the prescription number and its redemption code on their phone.

And if the patient does not have a phone and is not registered in the system, the doctor will register the patient in the EHR by document and print the patient an information note that will contain the prescription data.

Already at the pharmacy, the pharmacist will select reimbursable test strips to match the glucometer the patient is currently using.

Recall that today the list of reimbursement includes 23 items of test strips for glucometers, the cost of which is subject to full or partial reimbursement. Their cost is reimbursed by the state through electronic prescriptions. In the temporarily occupied territories and in the war zone, test strips can also be dispensed on paper prescriptions.


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