On October 1, the Public Health System Act went into effect. What will change?

As we wrote earlier, in September 2022, the Parliament adopted Law 2573-IX on the public health system. The document provides for the transition from the Soviet system of sanitary epidemiologic service to the updated European system of public health. On the basis of 25 regional Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a modern epidemiological service is starting to operate. These centers have already been operating for some time, equipped with modern cold rooms, refrigerators and freezers according to WHO standards, provided with buses for vaccination and medical assistance in remote settlements. On October 1, the law officially came into force. The function of control and prevention of non-communicable diseases has been transferred to the CCPCs. Expansion of the centers’ functions increases the quality of medical services. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the oblast level will become responsible for key issues in public health: vaccination of the population and prevention of non-communicable diseases. This will improve the quality of services for patients. Starting October 1, the CCPCs will fully meet all EU requirements for preparedness, response, prevention. This refers to the functionality of these institutions. Previously, they were mainly dealing with communicable diseases. Now they will focus on prevention of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, strokes, heart attacks, cancer and implementation of mental health program. In addition, the law on the public health system is Euro-integrative. Disease prevention and control are stipulated by the association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

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