The Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry of Uzbekistan, together with USAID, is implementing a project to diversify the Asian pharmaceutical supply chain

What is DAPSC?

DAPSC is a new USAID project to support the Government of Uzbekistan’s efforts to develop the pharmaceutical industry. DAPSC will be implemented with technical assistance from USAID’s Promoting Quality Medicines Plus (PQM+) program.

DAPSC has two goals:

Objective 1: Strengthen local capacity in:
1) competitive manufacturing;
2) procurement;
3) governance and regulatory systems;
4) technology development; and
5) workforce to produce quality assured medical products.

How will DAPSC affect the industry?


It will potentially contribute to the following:

  • Increasing competitive production capabilities for the production of high-quality, new products;
  • Support for procurement from the best sources with quality assurance;
  • Strengthening governance and optimizing the regulatory system;
  • Research and development of advanced technologies;
  • Develop the workforce of the future labor market.

Objective 2: Increase the business readiness and commercial viability of the local pharmaceutical industry to attract investment.

This goal will potentially be facilitated:

  • Promoting the attractiveness of local pharmaceutical companies for investors.
  • Promote the development of public funding incentives for the industry.

The project is scheduled to continue until the end of December 2023.

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