The Government authorized the NHRI to check the quality of medical services provided under the Medical Guarantee Program

The Government has granted the National Health Service broad powers to monitor how medical institutions comply with the terms of contracting. The decision is another step that allows the NHS to monitor the targeted use of funds of the Medical Guarantee Program, which should be aimed at providing quality, affordable and free medical care to patients. Information about this decision was reported by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Previously, there was no clear mechanism for such monitoring, which made it impossible to implement the provisions of the legislation in full. Now NHRIs are allowed to carry out two types of monitoring – automatic and actual.

  • Automated monitoring is performed by analyzing the data set and assessing further risks.
  • Actual monitoring takes the form of documentary monitoring and a visit directly to the health facility. Such monitoring can be both planned and unplanned.

In addition, the adopted decision defines the process of NHSI monitoring and the procedure for establishing groups that will conduct the actual monitoring. It also clearly defines the procedure of how to appeal against a conclusion based on the results of the NHS monitoring.

We will remind, earlier the Ministry of Health together with the NHSU monitored the quality, quantity and structure of medical services provided in medical institutions to patients with stroke.

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