Ukraine complies with EU anti-smoking requirements


The corresponding decree was adopted by the Government, fulfilling the provisions of the comprehensive anti-tobacco law of our Committee No. 1978. This was written in tg-channel by the head of the specialized VR Committee, Mykhailo Radutsky.

The law is based on the provisions of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, as well as the EU directive. The provisions of the law come into force gradually: from June 1, 2022 medical warnings appeared on the packaging of electronic cigarettes and liquids, smokeless tobacco products, from July 11, 2022 the ban on smoking heating cigarettes on the level with cigarettes, hookahs and public places began to take effect, from July 11, 2023 – the ban on flavored cigarettes and tobacco for self-cigarettes, a complete ban on the advertising of devices for the consumption of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, tobacco products.

The Government Resolution abolishes the current norms for labeling cigarette packs and tobacco products.

From January 11, 2024, health warnings will cover two-thirds of the pack. Such warnings are in place in 42 countries around the world. Labeling tobacco packs is considered one of the most effective parts of tobacco control.

The Government Resolution allows to complete the process of implementation of the EU Directive: the last provision of our law will come into force and Ukraine will fully comply with the EU requirements in the field of anti-smoking.

The impressionable are better off not watching. From January 11, 2024 the markings on cigarette packs will change

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