In Odessa, artificial intelligence has been incorporated into the diagnosis of brain diseases.

In early August, the Verkhovna Rada passed Law No. 3222-IX on the functioning of telemedicine. The document provides for the use of modern digital technologies for teleconsultation, telediagnosis, and telerehabilitation. Currently, there are 7 pilot projects in Ukraine using telemedicine platforms from the US, UK, Spain, and Poland.

One such project is BrainScan. This system is based on artificial intelligence and significantly speeds up the process of diagnosing brain diseases. The patient’s life depends on the timely diagnosis of brain damage.

The neural network analyzes brain computed tomography images automatically and detects pathological changes. Within 5 minutes after the program processes the image, the doctor can decide on further treatment. This is several times faster than usual. The accuracy of the data analysis and the speed of obtaining diagnostic results help doctors get a so-called “second opinion” and prevent medical errors.

The use of artificial intelligence has shown the first good results. Odesa’s experience of using a neural network to diagnose patients is now being used in frontline Kramatorsk.

The BrainScan project is being implemented by the Ministry of Health with the support of the USAID project.


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