When is a patient entitled to a free CT scan? Explanation of the NHS

According to data from the NHRI, the cost of medical services provided to hospitals from the state budget is compensated under the Medical Guarantee Program, which continues to operate despite the full-scale war.

How do I get a CT scan for free?

You can get a CT scan for free with a referral from your family or primary care physician.

If the doctor sees the need, he or she will write a referral for such an examination. If, based on the results of the CT scan, the doctor finds it necessary to perform a CT scan in another area of the body, the CT scan should also be free of charge to the patient.

CT scans are available at facilities that have signed a contract with the NHIS for outpatient care and have the necessary equipment and facilities to perform the exam.

How do I find a hospital for a free CT scan?

To find out the address and contacts of the nearest hospital where you can get a free CT scan, you can contact the NHSU call center operator at 16-77.

You can also go to the NHSU website, select the analytical panel (dashboard) “Concluded contracts on medical care of the population under the program of medical guarantees”. In the filter “Population center” select your city, and in the filter “Group of services” – “Prevention, diagnostics, monitoring and treatment in outpatient settings” (item #9).

After that, you should call the chosen institution and find out whether it has a CT scanner and a doctor who can perform such an examination. If so, you should make an appointment and come at a certain time for a free CT scan.

If the patient is being treated as an inpatient, all necessary examinations are included in the respective package of services and are performed immediately at the hospital where the patient was hospitalized (provided that the necessary equipment is available).

The only BUT is that you can wait weeks or even months for a free examination.

Extortion of CT scan fees is a violation of the patient’s rights. In such a case, you should file a complaint with the head of the hospital (medical director), the health department in your city or region, or the owner of the hospital – the relevant local authority (usually the name of the hospital indicates who owns it).

Where do I complain if a fee is demanded?

Submit a complaint to the NHRI through the contact center (16-77), to the e-mail address [email protected] or by letter to the address: 04073, Kyiv, Stepan Bandera Ave. 19.


  • Surname, first name and patronymic, date of birth (in the format day, month, year of birth).
  • The date the medical service was denied.
  • The full name of the hospital is.
  • The job title, last name, first name and middle name of the employee who violated your rights.
  • A detailed description of the situation: what exactly was denied (or demanded), under what circumstances, how much money you spent for help or how much money was demanded from you.
  • Contacts where you can be reached: phone number, e-mail address.

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