A new department will be opened at the National Cancer Institute

Patrons have allocated UAH 2.8 million for the project. Starting in October, the medical institution plans to sign an agreement with the National Health Service of Ukraine on the Rehabilitation Care for Adults and Children in Inpatient Settings and Rehabilitation Care for Adults and Children in Outpatient Settings packages.

“This is the first rehabilitation unit in Ukraine at an oncology medical institution. We are grateful to our partners and philanthropists for their help in expanding the network of rehabilitation departments in medical institutions. The development of rehabilitation services remains one of the priorities of the Ministry of Health. We are currently recording that the demand for rehabilitation is growing with each passing day of the full-scale war,” said First Deputy Minister Serhiy Dubrov.

The capacity of the newly created rehabilitation unit is 60 patients per day. Multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams will work with patients.

The multidisciplinary teams include a physical rehabilitation medicine doctor, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, rehabilitation nurses and assistants. The specialists will accompany patients from the first days of the postoperative period and work on their recovery.

Currently, the medical facility has reconstructed three physical therapy rooms with a total area of 100 m², renovated and equipped rooms for gait restoration and training, for individual and group classes, for suspension therapy and exercise equipment, as well as a spacious bathroom equipped for people with disabilities.

As a reminder, the government is currently aiming to ensure that all those affected by Russian aggression can return to normal life.


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