The Ministry of Health is considering changing the license conditions: each new pharmacy must sign an agreement under the “Affordable Medicines” program

This was discussed at the forum "Affordable Medicines-2023"

Over the 5 years of the Affordable Medicines program, 4.3 million patients have received medicines, UAH 7.5 billion has been paid to pharmacies by the NHSU for these medicines, and 10.3 million prescriptions have been written.

In addition, during the war, the number of people using the program increases: this year, 495 thousand patients used the program for the first time. Due to the full-scale war, Ukrainians’ incomes have decreased, and the cost of medicines has increased.

Another important task of the program is to make medicines available in rural areas.

The President’s team systematically supports initiatives that increase access to essential medicines for Ukrainians: The Verkhovna Rada has adopted laws on managed access agreements (which allow procuring expensive medicines at a reduced price) and on e-commerce (which allows receiving medicines by mail).

Currently, the Ministry of Health is considering amending the licensing regulations to require each new pharmacy to sign an agreement under the Affordable Medicines program, and to allow mobile pharmacy outlets.

All of these measures will help achieve the ultimate goal of having a pharmacy in every community and, consequently, providing residents with access to medicines.

Sources: MOH, Mykhailo Radutsky

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