Author name: William Wickham

Эксперт в области фармацевтической дистрибуции, маркетинга и регуляторных вопросов

Expert in Pharmaceutical Distribution, Marketing, and Regulatory Affairs

William Wickham is a recognized leader in the pharmaceutical industry, known for his expertise in pharmaceutical distribution, marketing, digital marketing, and regulatory affairs.

He holds key positions as the CEO of Delta Medical, Managing Director at Social Marketing Initiatives, and Scientific Advisor at Maxima Health Research.

William Wickham

Key Roles

  • Delta Medical (CEO): Over 23 years, William has driven significant international market expansion, focusing on regions like Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia. His strategic approach to pharmaceutical distribution has been crucial in launching new products.
  • Social Marketing Initiatives (Managing Director): With more than 22 years at this marketing agency, William has utilized digital marketing strategies effectively, particularly in the realm of social media, enhancing brand presence. He is also a founder of the pharmaceutical trade journal Mister Blister.
  • Maxima Health Research (Scientific Advisor): His 25 years at a Regulatory CRO, reflect his expertise in regulatory strategy, compliance, and dossier submission, especially in CIS countries. He demonstrates his dedication to regulatory excellence and adaptability in a complex, changing regulatory environment.


  • International Market Expansion.
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution.
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Leadership.
  • Regulatory Affairs in CIS Countries.


  • B.A. in International Relations, Bucknell University, Pennsylvania.
  • M.A. in Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

Published Articles

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Nicholas Hall OTC Conference in Luzern, Switzerland.
  • CEUTA Healthcare Alliance in Rome, Italy.
  • Adam Smith Pharmaceutical Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Marcus Evans Conference in Vienna, Austria.

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