Epidseason 2023/24: for a week in Ukraine registered 119 063 sick with ARVI, influenza and COVID-19

During the past week 119,063 cases of diseases (ARVI, COVID-19 and influenza) were registered. This number of diseases is within the epidemic threshold calculated for Ukraine (13.4% less than the same period of the last epidemic season). During the first week of October, 3,150 people were hospitalized, 1,776 were children under 17 years old.

Every year about 6 million infectious diseases are registered in Ukraine, 98% of which are influenza and acute respiratory viral infections. In case of severe course flu can cause complications – heart disease, kidney disease, etc. The most effective prevention of influenza is annual vaccination, recommended, but not included in the list of free vaccines. Since the beginning of October, two vaccines – Korean and French-made – have been available in pharmacies in Ukraine. They have been certified and passed state quality control.

According to data from the Center for Public Health, obtained from the NHSU, 5,186 cases of COVID-19, 18 fatal, were reported in the previous week among people over 30 years of age. The basis for protection against severe COVID-19 is a course of three vaccinations. Receiving two doses of the primary vaccination and a booster vaccination administered 5 months after the primary vaccination. An additional booster can be obtained after consultation with the family doctor or at the vaccination center, taking into account the updated recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

As for the vaccine against COVID-19, Ukraine now has more than 5 million doses (manufacturer Johnson&Johnson – Janssen vaccine; manufacturer Pfizer – Comirnaty vaccine). Vaccinations remain free of charge for every Ukrainian. It can be done at vaccination points or in outpatient clinics through the record of your family doctor. Also available in Ukraine is a vaccine against COVID-19 for children from the age of 5 years (manufacturer Pfizer – vaccine Comirnaty for children, one dose of which contains three times less active substance than the vaccine for people over 12 years old).

Pharmacies are also receiving more than 260,000 doses of flu vaccine. Among them are 151,100 doses of French-made vaccine and another 114,000 doses of Korean-made vaccine. All vaccines have already passed state quality control.

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