From January 1, 2024, guaranteed purchase contracts for pharmaceutical products in Uzbekistan will be concluded for up to 10 years

Uzbekistan extends the period of guaranteed purchase of localized pharmaceutical products
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According to the decree of the President of Uzbekistan, from January 1, 2024, a mechanism of guaranteed purchase of pharmaceutical products subject to localization within the volume of the State Budget funds planned to be allocated for the purchase of pharmaceutical products will be introduced by concluding a contract for up to ten years on the basis of positive results of clinical trials, state registration and certification processes. Information about it appeared on site Agency for Development of Pharmaceutical Industry of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan.


While the guarantee procurement procedure was introduced in 2022, the initial contracting period was set for 3 years. Practice has shown that the supply of pharmaceutical products to the state on the basis of warranty procurement for a period of three years, the time and money spent on localization of products do not justify themselves.

In global practice, warranty sales contracts are concluded for up to 10 years. Localized pharmaceuticals first undergo clinical trials. If the test results are positive, the products undergo state registration and certification. These processes require a certain amount of time. Based on this, this system is being improved by Presidential Decree.

The decree clearly spells out the order and sequence of conclusion of guarantee agreements. At the same time:

  • Requirements for pharmaceutical products for guaranteed procurement are developed by the Ministry of Health and submitted to the Pharmaceutical Industry Development Commission for review;
  • The Commission headed by Deputy Prime Minister J. Khodjaev approves the list of international non-proprietary names of substances, medicines, medical devices and medical equipment, previously not produced in the territory of the Republic, subject to localization in the future;
  • the list of pharmaceutical products is posted and regularly updated on the Special Information Portal for Public Procurement, the official websites of the Ministry of Health and the Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency;
  • The standing working group develops technical specifications based on the Commission’s requirements submitted by the Ministry of Health;
  • to sign guaranteed purchase contracts, the winners are determined through open tenders;

Adoption of the ordinance:

  1. will ensure uninterrupted supply of quality and affordable pharmaceutical products to the population;
  2. reputable companies from Russia, Turkey, USA and European countries will be attracted to the Uzbek market;
  3. It will be possible to develop medicines that are not produced in Uzbekistan;
  4. imports will be optimized and the level of localization will be increased.
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