How people with diabetes can get free test strips to measure their sugar levels

To date, more than 2,500 prescriptions for test strips have already been written. They can be obtained free of charge or with a small surcharge. This depends on which brand the patient chooses according to their glucometer.

To date, the reimbursement list includes 23 brands of test strips. In order to receive test strips free of charge or with additional payment under the reimbursement program, it is necessary to have an electronic prescription. Such a prescription can be issued both by an endocrinologist (including children) and a primary care physician (therapist, pediatrician or family doctor) of any medical institution working with the electronic health care system (EHS).

In the temporarily occupied territories and in the combat zone, test strips can also be dispensed by paper prescription.

How do I get an electronic prescription for test strips through the reimbursement program?

  1. Contact your doctor.
  2. During the appointment, the doctor will write an e-prescription. We emphasize that in order to get an e-prescription, it is not necessary to have a declaration with a primary care physician.
  3. After that, you will receive a text message with the number of the e-prescription and a unique code for its redemption.
  4. Please note that you can redeem the prescription within 30 days of the prescription being issued.
  5. Contact a pharmacy that has a contract with NHSI under the Medical Devices for Blood Glucose Program.

To find a pharmacy that dispenses test strips under the reimbursement program, you can use a special dashboard that will tell you the address of the nearest pharmacy. To do this, just type or select the name of your locality from the list in the search box. You can also call the NHSI hotline at 1677.

Give the pharmacist the prescription number and agree which of the available test strips will fit the glucometer.

The pharmacist will suggest available test strips that are reimbursable through the reimbursement program and will coordinate with the patient to determine which product should be prescribed (model, manufacturer, packaging options, etc.).

Give the pharmacist the prescription redemption code to obtain the test strips

According to which test strips the patient has chosen and their quantity, the pharmacist redeems the prescription free of charge or with a surcharge.

Ministry of Health

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