The chairman of the National Health Service, Natalya Husak, is suspected of official negligence of more than UAH 2 million: the National Health Service considers this to be pressure

Law enforcement officials said that in April 2022, by order of the National Health Service, one of the specialized state-owned enterprises administered the central database of the electronic health care system. In the service acceptance certificate, the enterprise included all the work provided for in the contract, as well as the volume of work not performed

According to investigators, Natalya Gusak improperly checked what work the company performed and did not take measures to reduce the total amount of the contract. Because of this, more than 2 million funds were spent on services not provided.

Natalya Gusak said that during her work as chairman of the National Health Service, the service is constantly being checked. He says that often these checks are “baseless and initiated by those whom the NHSU interferes with,” and the main principles of the service are transparency and accountability.

“By a “strange coincidence”, the searches took place yesterday – on the day when unscheduled monitoring of the first medical institutions providing neonatal care began. Let me remind you that we carry out monitoring according to the updated procedure recently approved by the Government. And also at a time when active preparations are taking place for the contracting of medical institutions next year,” the statement said.


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