Importing medicines without paying taxes – BEB in Kyivshchyna exposed the scheme

The investigation found that the company’s officials forged shipping documents and overestimated the cost of purchasing drugs four times. In this way they evaded paying income tax.

Then, using front companies, non-residents took the excess profits abroad.

BEB detectives conducted searches in the warehouses of the customs office and in the premises of the defendants in the criminal proceedings. Samples of imported medicines, shipping documents, financial and economic documentation, seals and rough accounting were seized.

Investigative actions continue. Expert studies are being conducted, the amount of damage caused to the state and the full range of persons involved in illegal activities are being established.

Pre-trial investigation under part 1 of article 212 is carried out by detectives of the TU BEB in Kyiv region together with border guards of the operational and investigative department of OCPP “Kyiv” with the support of special unit “DOZOR”.

Procedural management is carried out by prosecutors of the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office.


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