January Retail Sales Surge in Kazakhstan’s Pharmaceutical Market

Regional players like Nobel Ilac and Abdi Ibrahim appear frequently among the top 50 highest selling products. Their portfolio centers on affordable treatments for common conditions purchased directly by consumers.

Multinationals Pharmaceutical Companies Target Kazakhstan Through Tenders, Locals Lead Retail 

However, these retail figures fail to capture government procurement via tenders. In this national marketplace, global giants may move more product volume. Multinationals possess the technology, research expertise and innovative new drugs that public health agencies desire.

Kazakhstan is actively working to upgrade its healthcare infrastructure as the economy develops. This involves a balancing act between meeting current basic needs through low cost generics while also planning for more advanced care down the road. There exists ample room for both international brands and local stalwarts if steady growth continues.

Essentially, global pharmaceutical companies use tenders to tap higher value segments while established regional companies supply current retail demand. A dual market is emerging as the future brightens for healthcare advancements across Kazakhstan.  

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Top 50 Pharmaceutical Products in Kazakhstan for January 2024 (table)


Number Product Strength Company
1 Tailolfen Hot Powder for Oral Solution, 20g Nobel Ilac Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S.
2 Mucaltin Tablets, 50mg Chimpharm JSC
3 Tanflex Oral Spray, 0.15% 30ml Abdi Ibrahim
4 Cef III Lido Powder for Solution for Injection Complete with Solvent-Lidocaine Solution, 1g Chimpharm JSC
5 Tailol Hot S Powder for Oral Solution, 4g Nobel Ilac Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S.
6 Pulmicort Suspension for Inhalation, 0.25mg/ml 2ml AstraZeneca
7 Ethyl Alcohol Topical Solution, 90% 90ml Pharmacy 2010 LLP
8 Ingavirin Capsules, 90mg Valenta Pharmaceutica OJSC
9 L Lysine Escinate Intravenous Solution, 0.1% 5ml Galichpharm JSC
10 Cef III Powder for Solution for Intravenous and Intramuscular Administration, 1g Chimpharm JSC
11 Cardiomagnyl Film-Coated Tablets, 75mg Takeda
12 Tanflex S Powder for Oral Solution, 5g Abdi Ibrahim
13 Suprastin Tablets, 25mg Egis
14 Demoton T Concentrate for Infusion Solution, 10ml DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry
15 Sinegra Film-Coated Tablets, 100mg Nobel Almaty Pharmaceutical Factory JSC
16 Ursosan Forte Film-Coated Tablets, 500mg PRO. MED.CS Praha a.s.
17 Viferon Suppositories, 150000 U Feron OOO
18 Ursosan Capsules, 250mg PRO. MED.CS Praha a.s.
19 Cefuroxime Solution Powder for Injection, 750mg Chimpharm JSC
20 Rotacef Powder for Solution for Injection Complete with Solvent-Lidocaine Solution, 1g LDP Laboratorios Torlan S.A.
21 Zitmak 500 Film-Coated Tablets, 500mg Nobel Almaty Pharmaceutical Factory JSC
22 Tanflex Forte Topical Spray, 30ml Abdi Ibrahim
23 Somnol Film-Coated Tablets, 7.5mg Grindex
24 Amoxiclav QT Dispersible Tablets, 1g Sandoz Industrial Products GmbH
25 Gyno Tardiferon Film-Coated Extended-Release Tablets Pierre Fabre Medicament
26 Bepanthen Ointment, 5% 30g GP Grenzach Produktions GmbH
27 Citramon P Tablets Irbitskiy CPP OJSC
28 Antigrippin P Tablets Eikos Pharm LLP
29 Tanflex Plus Topical Spray, 30ml Abdi Ibrahim
30 TAD 600 Lyophilisate for IV solution complete with solvent-water for injection, 600mg Biomedica Foscama Group S.p.A.
31 Rubufin Solution for Injection, 10mg 1ml Rusan Pharma Ltd
32 Ketanov Film-Coated Tablets, 10mg Terapia Co S.A.
33 Liposome Forte Solution for Injection, 28mg/2ml Fidia Farmaceutici SpA
34 Ambro Solution for Injection, 15mg 2ml Chimpharm JSC
35 Ulkavis Film-Coated Tablets, 120mg KRKA d.d.
36 Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Solution for Injection, 5% 2ml Dalkhimpharm OAO
37 Somnol Film-Coated Tablets, 7.5mg Grindex
38 Cosmofer Solution for Injection, 50mg/ml 100mg 2ml Pharmacosmos A/S
39 Cefazolin AKOS Powder for Solution for Injection, 1g Sintez AKO JSC
40 Ciprolet Film-Coated Tablets, 500mg Dr.Reddy`s Laboratories Ltd.
41 Melaxen Coated Tablets, 3mg Unipharm, Inc.
42 Pulmicort Suspension for Inhalation, 0.5mg/ml 2ml AstraZeneca
43 Godex Capsules Celltrion Pharm. Inc.
44 Ursosan Capsules, 250mg PRO. MED.CS Praha a.s.
45 Megasef Powder for Preparation Solution for Injection Complete with Solvent-Water for Injection, 750mg Nobel Ilac Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S.
46 Maxigra Film-Coated Tablets, 100mg Polpharma S.A.
47 Mildronate Capsules, 500mg Grindex
48 Veracol Solution Powder for Injection Complete with Solvent-Lidocaine Solution, 1g DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry
49 Paracetamol Tablets, 500mg Irbitskiy CPP OJSC
50 FDP FDP Medlac Lyophilisate for Intravenous Solution Complete with Solvent, 5g Medlac Pharma Italy Co., Ltd.

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