New digital drug tracking systems to be launched in Kazakhstan in July 2024

The system of tracking medicines will allow to solve a number of tasks, in particular, to eliminate the possibility of imputation and false write-offs of medicines in medical organizations, to monitor retail prices, balances and expiration dates of medicines.

For complete control, each package will be labeled with a two-dimensional unique Data Matrix code. As a result, it will be possible to track the full turnover of drugs in the republic in online mode from the moment of production to use.

“The system will significantly reduce the risk of shadow trade in medicines and help to effectively plan their centralized procurement. In general, the platform can track the stock of drugs down to the number of pills,” said Vice Minister of Health Beibut Esenbayev.

It was noted that increased transparency in this area will allow to identify possible counterfeit products, as well as to control the approved retail prices for drugs.

“Residents of the country will be fully protected from counterfeits. Consumers can have no doubts about the legality of purchased medicines, their safety for life and health”, – emphasized Deputy Prime Minister Tamara Duisenova.

The project is currently being implemented in pilot mode. It is planned to implement the control system from July 2024.

Prime Minister instructed to work out in detail the entire functionality of the platform to make it as efficient as possible and at the same time convenient to use at the level of hospitals, polyclinics, rural health facilities and pharmacies.

Source: Official information resource of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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