There are 83 pharmacies in the pharmacy network of the de-occupied part of Kherson

Of these, 55 are in Kherson and 28 in rural areas
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For fulfillment of the instructions of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal, Deputy Chairman of Gosleksluzhba Volodymyr Korolenko and Head of Legal Support Department Oleksiy Dyachenko made working trips to Kherson, Zaporizhzhya and Mykolaiv regions.

As of today, 83 pharmacy establishments function in the pharmacy network system of the de-occupied part of Kherson region, of which 55 are located in Kherson city and 28 in rural areas, which makes it possible to implement the government program “Affordable medicines” (30 pharmacy establishments are currently connected, of which 18 in Kherson city).

Representatives of the State Drug Service held working meetings with Yaroslav Shanko, Deputy Head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Vadym Glushko, Advisor to the Head of the State Administration on Humanitarian Issues, and Mykhailo Balatskiy, Deputy Director of the Health Department of the State Administration. They discussed the peculiarities and problems of functioning of pharmacies in the de-occupied territory of the region and the need to connect the maximum number of pharmacy outlets to the government program “Affordable Medicines”.

Ruslan Movchan, First Deputy Chairman of the Regional State Administration, met in Zaporizhzhya. Among the issues raised to provide the population with quality and affordable medicines were the functioning of the network of pharmacies in Zaporizhzhya region, their energy independence, overcoming the challenges associated with the military condition.

There are 406 pharmacy establishments, 339 pharmacies dispense medications under the Affordable Drug Program, and 7 pharmacies provide pain relief to those in need under a narcotic drug license.

During the working visit to Mykolayiv region, they met with the staff of the territorial State Service of Ukraine, discussed the working conditions of employees during the martial law, got acquainted in detail with the state of premises and equipment. They also reviewed the positive developments and experience of the regional service, in particular, in the field of claims and lawsuit work in 2022-2023.

What innovations from the State Police Service came with the outbreak of war?

Extremely important and common for the visited regions remain the issues of prompt inter-sectoral cooperation of local authorities on provision of medicines to the population, including motivation of entrepreneurs to establish mobile pharmacy outlets; inclusion of pharmacies, especially those located on the territory of communal medical institutions, in the “Affordable Medicines” program; promotion of the development of a network of pharmacies with a license to handle narcotic drugs and the possibility of manufacturing medicines in a pharmacy setting.

In preparation for winter and possible blackouts, monitoring the availability of sufficient generators for pharmacies is critical.

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