The committee made additional edits to the second reading of the medical cannabis bill

But, according to Mikhail Radutsky, they received additional proposals from the Ministry of Health, members of the Committee, and the Main Legal Department of Parliament. Given the importance of the amendments, they decided to reconsider the changes for the second reading.

Among the new significant amendments to the second reading, the following are important: The Ministry of Health has detailed the norms in terms of licensing, it has been clarified that the grown medical cannabis plant is first used for the manufacture of APIs from it, its further registration as a medicinal substance and its use in medical practice. Technical corrections were also made to harmonize the provisions of the document. The Committee re-submitted Bill No. 7457 to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration.

It should be reminded that the main goal of Bill No. 7457 is to expand patients’ access to treatment with cannabis-based medicines. When the law is passed and becomes operational, millions of Ukrainian patients will be able to relieve pain with such medicines as prescribed by a doctor. This includes military personnel suffering from PTSD, patients with epilepsy, cancer patients, and palliative patients suffering from chronic pain. The document pays special attention to enhanced control over the circulation of medical cannabis by the National Police, and provides for a direct ban on the use of cannabis for recreational purposes.

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