The hospital in Zaporizhzhya suspended the heads of two departments, whose patients complained about the purchase of medicines at their own expense

Each hospital should effectively use the funds received from the NHRIs under the packages of the Medical Guarantee Program. In particular, these funds should be used to ensure decent salaries for doctors and to purchase necessary medicines. The responsibility for the rational distribution of funds lies with the management of the medical institution.

If a medical institution fails to purchase necessary medicines or consumables, and patients are forced to buy them at their own expense, appropriate management decisions will be taken on the management staff of such hospitals. The same applies to doctors who prescribe medicines to patients without proven efficacy, which the latter also buy at their own expense.

Based on the results of monitoring visit of the First Deputy Minister Serhiy Dubrov to medical institutions of Zaporizhzhya region, a number of management decisions have already been made. The heads of two departments of the Municipal Hospital of Emergency and Emergency Medical Care of Zaporizhzhya City Council have been suspended for the period of official investigation. We are talking about the heads of the early rehabilitation department, as well as orthopedic and traumatology department.

“The NHSI fully covers the cost of treatment and rehabilitation of patients for medical institutions. This includes not only the hospital stay, but also all the medicines used. If a hospital does not have the medicine to provide medical care, they are not effectively utilizing the funds that the NHIS pays. And that is a sin. No hospital patient, regardless of the reason for referral, should have to buy the medicine themselves. In such situations, it is necessary to contact the hotline of the NHSU or the chief physician”, – said Sergei Dubrov.

We shall remind you that the day before, during the visit of the first deputy minister to a medical institution, patients complained that doctors often force them to buy medicines at their own expense. In addition, most of this medicine – with unproven effectiveness.

This was followed by a protocol meeting with the heads of the departments complained about. At present, service inspections have been initiated in two departments. Their heads have been suspended for the period of inspections. At the same time, the management of the medical institution must return to the patients the funds spent on the purchase of drugs that should be covered by the state. The patients will also be refunded for the drugs purchased without proven effectiveness.

Recall that all costs associated with the treatment of patients in inpatient settings are fully covered by the packages of the Medical Guarantee Program. The NHSU transfers funds to medical institutions for each patient treated.
*Photos provided by patients of the early rehabilitation and orthopedic-traumatology departments


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