The Tryzub Tribes Foundation donated BioGay ProTectis systems from Delta Medical to the Union of Large Families “Schastliva”

The large family of the Tribes of the Trident is extremely HAPPY.
The Foundation managed to give a personalized sun to 225 children from large families. Yes, every child gets a personal SUN! And also a good mood and strong immunity.
How did we do it? It’s very simple: we donated BioGay ProTectis with vitamin D3 from Delta Medical to the Shchaslyva Union of Large Families.
This particular vitamin is called the sunshine vitamin because it is produced in the body under the influence of the rays of the daylight and helps to improve resistance to seasonal colds. But with the onset of autumn, the sun is not so generous, so we have to help it.
Such work is within the power of the Trident Tribes: we willingly became suppliers of sunshine for kids!
Children are HAPPY and we are with them!
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