USAID has expressed interest in introducing KPIs for family doctors in Ukraine

The American Agency for International Development (USAID) has been providing financial, expert and technical support to Ukraine for many years. In particular, in the areas of introducing the E-prescription, medical technology assessment (HTA), reimbursement programs, combating HIV/AIDS and updating legislation. As the head of the profile committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Mikhail Radutsky, said, during the meeting they discussed current initiatives in the implementation of which the profile committee could cooperate with USAID.

New edition of the “Fundamentals of Ukrainian Legislation on Health Care”

The Committee is currently working on a new edition of the “Fundamentals of Ukrainian Legislation on Health Care”. This law has not been revised as a whole since 1992. It is clear that a lot has changed since that time, so it is necessary not to make changes to the document, but to accept its new, modern edition. This is a very important document, which I call the Constitution of Medicine. Invited USAID to join in the development of the bill at the expert and technical level.

Introduction of performance assessment of family doctors

According to the parliamentarian, at the primary level, special attention should be paid to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is the family doctor who must periodically refer the patient for examination to a specialist and draw the patient’s attention to risk factors. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce KPIs for the work of a family doctor, one of the indicators of which will be the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Also at the meeting, two documents were considered: “Strategy for the development of the healthcare system until 2030” and “Plan for the post-war restoration of the healthcare sector in Ukraine until 2030.”

We spoke with the executive director of GRM, Andrea Leiner, about the training in emergency conditions, surgery and burns that American specialists conduct in Ukraine. We were looking for ways to expand our cooperation. Mikhail Radutsky is confident that improving the qualifications of doctors according to US standards will save even more lives of Ukrainians.

Parliamentarians spoke with the director of healthcare at Palladium Group, Ibrahim Shehata, about continuing medical reform. The international company Palladium Group is completing the registration procedure for its Ukrainian branch and is recruiting workers for its office. Now Ibrahim is studying the areas in Ukraine that most need help and funding. He suggested paying attention to the Plan for the post-war restoration of the healthcare sector in Ukraine until 2030. We especially need help in restoring medical institutions in the occupied territories.

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